009 – Lead Your Children On

Fun Times with Dad: Taking Nolan to McDonald’s and then to a High School basketball game

Lead Your Children On

Under what circumstances is it okay for adult children to live with their parents? We consider this question in this podcast episode. Certainly there are circumstances where it is appropriate for adult children to live with their parents but at what point do parents need to encourage their kids to move on?

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  • Our children need us to become a smaller voice in their lives as they grow into adults.
  • Learning to Let go is allowing our children to grow up.
  • Don’t be a “helicopter parent”. Let your adult children learn adult responsibility.
  • When your adult children need advice from you, they will ask for it.

Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People

Adult Children Living with Parents

In 2012, 36% of the nation’s young adults ages 18 to 31—the so-called Millennial generation—were living in their parents’ home.

008 – Nine Ways to Build Relationships with your Children

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Fun Times with Dad – Krispy Kreme

Nine Ways to Build Relationships with your Children
1. Ask God’s help in understanding your child
2. Be a goal-oriented parent
3. Understand when he tests you, he needs help
Nip it in the bud!
4. Commend Character strengths
5. Having undivided time to work and play
6. Set structured time for dedicated talks
7. Ask for forgiveness
8. Teach them skills
9. Express your love

Biblical Counseling Training Conference



007 – Three Types of Parents

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Fun Times with Dad: Volleyball in the house!

Biblical Counseling Training Conference

Three Types of Parents

  • Impatient Parent
  • Passive Parent
  • Biblical Parent

Ephesians 6:1-4

Tweet: If we are not intentional to define the culture in our home the culture outside our home will define it for us. @brianjdixon #Intentional #Parenting
Tweet: If we are not intentional to define the culture in our home the culture outside our home will define it for us. @brianjdixon #Intentional #Parenting


What type of parent do you identify with most? Tell us a story in the comments!

006 – Interview with Daniel Wallace

Show Notes

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Daniel Wallace, Executive Director of Gull Lake Ministries

Interview with Daniel Wallace

  • The opportunity to motivate people to action fires me up!
  • Gull Lake Ministries…a youth camp for families in a resort setting
  • The Power of the Love of Jesus Transforms Lives
  • We Look Most Like Jesus When We’re Serving
  • Life Change Happens in the Context of Loving Relationships

Parenting Tips:

  • Provide your kids with what they need
  • Focus them on the Lord
  • Focus them on Serving others

Tweet: Life Change Happens in the Context of Loving Relationships - Daniel Wallace #Intentional #ParentingLife Change Happens in the Context of Loving Relationships – Daniel Wallace #Intentional #Parenting


Website: www.gulllake.org
GLM Vimeo page

Listen to find out about the discount available to first-time Family Campers!

005 – Learning to Let Go

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Learning to Let Go (lyrics)

There he goes, taking his first steps as he learns to walk
He’s almost one and he’s just beginning to talk
And oh how time flies, seems like we just brought him home
But it’s been a year, since our little guy was born

There he goes, getting on the bus he looks so small
But he’s starting school, he’s growing up after all
And oh how time flies, dear God please go with him
‘Cause he’s only five, he’s just starting kindergarten

We’re learning to let go and letting God
Take the reins of our child, we’ll shed a tear, wave good-bye
Time marches on, so must I, so carry on with a smile
Now go on son, go on and shine

There he goes, shifts into gear and he’s on his way
Just learned to drive, turns sixteen in a couple days
And oh how time flies, didn’t I just take off his training wheels
Now he’s got a car, to show off to all the girls

There he goes, moving his stuff into the dorm
After this day, we won’t see him as much anymore
And oh how time flies, seems like I just watched his first ballgame
And I softly cry, watch the rear view mirror as we drive away

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004 – Ten Ways We Provoke Our Children

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Fun Times with Dad
Taking my daughter to see the musical, Annie, in Chicago.

Being a Dad who Leads – John MacArthur

Ten Ways We Provoke Our Children
1. By Being Overprotective
2. By Showing Favoritism
3. By Setting Unrealistic Achievement Goals
4. By allowing Them to be Overindulgent
5. By Discouragement
6. By Failing to Make Sacrifices for Them
7. By Failing to Allow Them to Grow Up
8. By Neglect
9. By Abusive Words
10. By Physical Abuse

Watching Over your Child’s Heart
Proverbs 4:23 – Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.

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Don’t be Oblivious

power-washI try to be intentional about taking at least one of the kids with me when I go out to run errands. Once when Alex was about four years old, I took him with me to the car wash. I had him help with the power washer. His hand wasn’t big enough to grasp the handle and the trigger so when he grabbed the handle, I pulled the trigger. Suddenly, he started crying and I didn’t know what the problem was. I thought he was a little freaked out by the force of the water or something. Then I realized, I was pinching his hand by my squeezing the trigger of the power washer. I felt so bad for hurting him and even worse for not realizing it right away.

Sometimes we do things to our kids that are harmful to them without even realizing it. We know what is good for our children but sometimes we deny them that which is good. Sometimes we don’t even do it on purpose. For example, if a child’s activities fall on a Sunday and we choose those activities over going to church, we don’t make Christ a priority. However, as a Christian, we want Christ to be the ultimate priority in their life. Some may say, “Yes, but it won’t hurt to miss a Sunday every now and then.” Maybe not, but typically, “every now and then” turns into “every week”, at least for a season. Then after one season, we are suddenly out of the habit of going to church and we get out of the habit of spending any time with God.

The point is, the priorities you establish now will be what sticks with your kids when they are grown. Tedd Tripp writes about our need to show our children the Glory of God. There is nothing more important than showing them God’s Glory. If we raise kids who do not know our Glorious God, we will have grandchildren who do not know our Glorious God. Is that the legacy you want to leave with your children and your children’s children?

Be consistent with putting Christ first in your life and set the example for generations that follow you.

003 – Interview with Jeff Jones

jeff-jonesShow Notes

Kids are Raised Around the Table
The Reality of Marriage

He has shown you, O man, what is good;
And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justly,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God?
– Micah 6:8

Psalm 103

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How to contact Jeff:
Twitter – @JeffDrummer
Websites –

002 – Being a Parent Who Leads

Show Notes

And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord. ~ Ephesians 6:4

Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World by Ken Ham & Steve Ham

Being a Dad who Leads – John MacArthur

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001 – Leading Your Family

Show Notes

Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World by Ken Ham & Steve Ham

“Statistics indicate that 7 of 10 students that attend church will walk away from church after they leave High School.”

Consider goals for your family and for your kids.

Lead Me – Sanctus Real



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